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16 May 2018

The biggest challenges in customer service in 2018

The BPO industry is continuously changing, so the companies have to adapt constantly. What is 2018 representing for this area of activity and for the customer […]
16 May 2018

How to grow professionally while working in a call center without having previous work experience

Having a job in a call center might represent a solid foundation for your future career. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in a place […]
16 May 2018

How to get a summer job while benefiting from a flexible work schedule?

There are plenty of job opportunities in the call center industry. And if you speak well a foreign laguage, this job can be the perfect start […]
16 May 2018

Which feelings you experiment when working in a call center?

Working in a call center, like anywhere else, has its particularities. There are a lot of rumors about how it is to work in a call […]
16 May 2018

Which are the most important trainings when working in a call center?

The call center world is full of challenges, but once you’re caught up in the process you’ll start to like it. So the moments and the […]
16 May 2018

Which are the most important qualities of a call center agent?

The quality of human work force represents the guarantee of success in contact center companies. Offering qualitative services is one of the most important objective of […]
16 May 2018

How to introduce yourself to an interview

If you’re having an interview, the first contact with your potential employer and the way you present yourself can play a major part in your success. […]
16 May 2018

The best paid languages when working in a Call Center

If you’re familiar with the BPO industry it means that you already know that when looking for a job, knowing a foreign language is an important […]
16 May 2018

Predictability, control, structrure, planning! Nothing easier! In a call center you benefit from all the support you need!

Our recruitment specialists discuss every day with young candidates who desire a successful career. They are smart, creative and adapt easily to diverse work environments. Working […]

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