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Service Delivery Manager

Job profile:

The SDM will be responsible for the planning, developing and operational management of the assigned
project(s). Will measure and report productivity and efficiency of the activity.
Will coordinate the entire allocated team (25+ FTE), consisting of TL, QA and agents, in Bucharest and
the rest of the country.

The SDM role is challenging and addressed to an ambitious/ambitious professional, passionate about
the BPO industry, willing to seek and create a context of high-quality services offered to our clients, to
build relationships with people, to demonstrate empathy, looking for continuous development both for
him/herself and for the team members, while sharing the values of our company.

Activities description

  • Coordination of inbound/outbound contact center activities & outbound projects and assigned
    teams; the activity can be carried out through various channels: call, mail, whats-app, chat.
  • Direct organization and coordination of the TL and, through them, of the entire project team to
    obtain internal/external qualitative and quantitative indicators.
  • Checking the knowledge level of team leaders and related teams so that they are in line with
    the client’s requirements.
  • Checking the quality level of the project and per agent (if necessary) and verifying the
    fulfilment of the quality assessment targets/mystery/tests/other methods used.
  • Identify and predict exceptional situations in contact Centre projects and how to deal with
  • Participating in the selection and recruitment process for allocated teams.
  •  Maintaining a professional relationship with the company’s clients and identifying new
    opportunities for each client.
  • Developing procedures and work instructions and implementing them; subsequently ensuring
    their compliance within the projects under the supervision.
  •  Evaluation of results at project level (monthly evaluation of team performance).
  • Performing various reports and analyses and proposing solutions to identify areas for
    improvement at project and/or team level.
  • Reviewing specific work procedures and instructions, aligning with company strategic

The ideal candidate

  •  Location: Bucharest
  •  Willingness to travel: yes, when applicable
  •  Education level: graduate / university graduate
  • Foreign languages: English (advanced level C1 – written/spoken/read)
  • Career level: general professional experience – minimum 4 years; BPO experience in a
    similar position – 2 years
  •  Experience in BPO / shared services: yes

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