In 2006...

… Twitter platform was launched, Blue Ray discs were released and Pluto status was downgraded as a dwarf planet.

However, 2006...

…is a special year for Valoris, the year in which we started our operations on the local market.

15 years later...

…in addition to successful partnerships, a team of over 700 specialists and millions of interactions, we have compiled a list of 15 lessons we have learned, and we want to share with you:
1. The customer is the most important.
2. Flexibility can be converted from an asset into a strategy
3. Employees are the essence of a successful business
4. Sooner or later we are all wrong
5. It’s good to have fun
6. The right man, in the right place
7. The high-performing employees are the company’s CV
8. The management developed inside the company is the most efficient
9. A suggestive name will remain in the minds of customers
10. A satisfied customer will give you more of his business
11. A satisfied customer will recommend you further to other companies
12. Resilience is a reality, adapt as soon as possible
13. Communication matters
14. Physical and mental health are necessary for everyone.
15. Partnerships are less complicated especially when you have the right partner.

If you want a flexible partner and a business relationship without complications, let's talk!

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