Our Mission

To ensure excellence in designing and developing outsourcing services. Having an innovative attitude and proven experience, we develop long term business partnerships with both our clients and employees.

Our Values

We are

We build

We are

We cultivate

We put safety

We set high

We build trust

We are a truthful partner; you can count on us. We respect our commitments, both to Valoris partners and to our colleagues.

„I behave according to this value every day. Whether we are talking about clients or coworkers, the notion of “procedure”—which promotes the idea of safety—is one I am firmly attached to. There may be instances when this process becomes challenging or inconvenient, but it brings incredible advantages for everyone.”

Operations Manager

CRM Team

We are flexible

We react quickly and identify the best way to achieve the desired result, adapting to each partner’s needs.

“We must adjust to new situations every day. The circumstances where we have bigger initiatives to implement are ones where flexibility is most crucial. Most of the time, during implementation, the initial established flow is altered.”

We set high standards

We always set ambitious goals so Valoris’s clients can enjoy results that exceed their expectations.

“This value, in my opinion, should guide all our decisions and actions rather than just being used occasionally or in specific circumstances. In order to preserve a culture of trust and high service standards, it is natural for each of us and for the organization to set goals higher than those of our partners.”

Training & Development Manager