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Bespoke for your Business

We’re fond of custom-made solutions

We’ve learned from experience that each partner we onboard has an unique story, a certain way to deal in a specific market and they also have to fulfill distinctive objectives, while facing different challenges.

We offer 24/7multilingual& multi-channel solutions.
We offer 24/7
& multi-channel solutions.
By phone, email,SMS, live chat,social media,live video.
By phone, email,
SMS, live chat,
social media,
live video.
Experienced inmanaging B2B, B2Cor CorporateAccounts
Experienced in
managing B2B, B2C
or Corporate
GDPR compliance.Your datawill notleave the EU.
GDPR compliance.
Your data
will not
leave the EU.

Why us?

Choosing to outsource some segments, it’s not like you lose control on them. We are aligning to your company’s values and mindset and we act on behalf of your brand, as we are one. You’ll gain more than a partner, basically we’ll be a part of your company.


More than cost optimization

Our partners discovered that cost saving is not the only perk of outsourcing. We like to understand each business, therefore we carefully asses each step we make together, starting from the reason you need to outsource a service, going through all the steps that lead us to customer excellence.


Dedicated to your business

You’ll have fully dedicated resources, from project managers to quality analysts and agents, in a team that we’ll adequately scale to your needs. Our company offers the whole ecosystem you need: professional agents, managers, an excellent quality system, support, everything backed-up by state-of-the-art software solutions. We can promise you’ll get better service, happy customers, and you’ll also win time to focus on your core business and to develop the best product or deliver excellent services.

Want to see what we can do for you?