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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT: a crucial metric in contact center

CSAT surveys are an excellent way to collect customer feedback right after the interaction they had with Valoris’s agents and promptly rectify unfavorable client service experiences. Implementing CSAT for contact center services improves overall customer satisfaction with your brand and prevents customer churn.

By listening to your customers, you will be one step ahead of your competition by understanding the aspects you should focus on and offering more efficient customer care solutions.

We offer 24/7multilingual& multi-channel solutions.
We offer 24/7
& multi-channel solutions.
By phone, email,SMS, live chat,social media,live video.
By phone, email,
SMS, live chat,
social media,
live video.
Experienced inmanaging B2B, B2Cor CorporateAccounts
Experienced in
managing B2B, B2C
or Corporate
GDPR compliance.Your datawill notleave the EU.
GDPR compliance.
Your data
will not
leave the EU.

Why us?

As a professional BPO provider, we have successfully implemented CSAT on various projects from diverse industries over the years. Our expertise is not limited to collecting customer ratings; we are also involved in finding the best solutions to improve the overall customer experience across the customer journey.


Boost CSAT with every interaction

Every contact center interaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact. Regularly tracking CSAT is a game-changer because it helps you identify areas for improvement, ensuring a consistently excellent customer experience.
Moreover, CSAT scores motivate your team by showcasing the direct impact of their efforts on customer happiness.


Customer retention tool

CSAT surveys can be implemented whenever you wish to measure customer satisfaction (through the sales process, after placing an order, after solving a service inquiry or even on a info-line service, etc).
Customer acquisition can occur rapidly, but your business sustainability will be affected if they don’t feel listened to and look at the competitors.

Do you want to improve your customers’ experience?