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Banking&Finance Using our contact center and SaaS services you can offer permanent support to your customers, making sure of driving their loyalty and constantly increasing their number.

Auto Generate showroom traffic, constantly measure the satisfaction level of your customers and keep in touch with them through all post-sale stages. Furthermore, you make sure that you have the right person, at the right place, by using our recruiting and personnel leasing services.

Utilities Render support to your customers’ problems by being available to answer their calls 24/7/365 and measure their satisfaction level through customers surveys.

IT Offer support services and implement loyalty and retention campaigns, in order to take your customer care processes to the next level.

Retail&E-commerce By using up&cross-selling services and order pickup&SaaS solutions, you will enhance the value of every customer interaction for both your company and your clients benefit. Using our recruitment & staff leasing services, you won’t have to worry during times when personnel fluctuations are high.

Pharma If your patients well-being is your priority, we can ensure it through offering 24/7/365 pharma vigilance, back-office and info line services.

Airline Increase your customer satisfaction rate with our solutions, customizable for airline companies of any size.By outsourcing flight information inquiries, rescheduling, cancellation assistance, or upgrades to our multilingual agent team, you will meet the specific market requirements and reduce operational costs.

Travel&Tourism You make sure that every interaction with your customers, whether a booking or complaint request, is turned into a pleasant customer experience. In addition, by having 24/7/365 services you provide crisis management solutions.

Health Care Offer to your patients a multilingual 24/7/365 health care service, as well as the possibility of managing emergency situations. By using the SaaS solutions you will ensure increased productivity by having easy access to information and advanced reporting and analysis capabilities adapted to your business.

Telecom Increase sales, optimize processes and gain the loyalty of customers through our contact center, back office and SaaS services.

Business Support Services Through BPO services tailored to your business needs, you increase both the efficiency of your internal processes and the number of your clients.

Delivery In a fast-paced environment, the delivery industry can face many challenges. With us on your side, customer experience will not be one of them. We apply our knowledge into providing the most fast and reliable service for your customers. Keep them happy and updated with our 24/7, multichannel & multilanguage services.