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5 things you should know when starting your career

Are you a college student or a recent graduate and don’t know what to do next? At some point, we have all been here. Every person goes through this interesting phase in their lives when they experiment, look around, and determine what suits them, what they are good at, and the career path they want to follow.

You begin creating your CV, searching on recruiting websites, and seeking information about a company you’re interested in. Great, your professional career has officially started! You have enough time to make improvements, and you can try out other fields until you discover one you enjoy.

What should you know, though, before beginning your career? In light of the knowledge we have gained from working with hundreds of young people who started their careers at the Valoris Center, here are five things that will aid in your professional development:

  1. Nobody is perfect

When you are first employed, it could seem as though everyone is an expert at what they are doing and doing their job flawlessly. It’s crucial to realize that everyone runs into challenging circumstances for which they cannot, even at first, come up with a proper answer. Unexpected occurrences happen to managers too, and they learn how to deal with them. A job is not about being perfect but about being willing to keep improving how you carry out your tasks.

Valoris Advice: Whenever you feel the need, ask for assistance, and don’t be afraid to consult your superiors and colleagues with any questions. All of us have been in the beginning and needed help.

  1. Learn how to accept feedback

You must have come across this idea in high school or college, where you may have also received grades or feedback on your work. At work, at least, that is how it goes. Your coworkers will give you feedback when you have a task to complete, and this feedback can be both positive and constructive. The key is not take things personally and view them as opportunities for professional growth.

Valoris Advice: Nobody dislikes you personally, and even though you frequently get suggestions for improvement, they are merely meant to help you develop. You will eventually give feedback as well, therefore it is crucial to learn how to accept, offer, and receive it.

  1. It’s ok not to know. What matters is that you want to learn

At first, everything will be brand-new, and it’s normal not to be great at everything. Don’t blame yourself or put additional strain on yourself if things initially didn’t work out for you. It is great that you try and want to learn and develop more.

Valoris Advice: Show that you are proactive, and whenever you have task, start by listing all the things you need to do. Next, find a solution. To be sure you are headed in the right direction, seek advice from your teammates or management along the way.

  1. You can make some great friends at work

Nobody will ever be able to take the place of your closest friends from high school or college, but you’ll still find incredibly fascinating people at work with whom you’ll find that you share many interests.

Valoris Advice: Be social and try to connect with your colleagues. Your workdays will undoubtedly improve significantly in this way. You will get to know them better in teambuilding activities. Having a work best friend is awesome since you can chat with them during breaks and joke about various scenarios at work.

  1. Find the positive in any situation

We won’t lie to you; sometimes, you will probably have unpleasant days and might feel overwhelmed by certain circumstances. It’s always nice to adopt an optimistic outlook. It is not a waste, even if you couldn’t complete everything you had planned for today. Tomorrow, you can figure it out and come up with even better answers.

Valoris Advice: Talk to your manager or team leader for a coaching session if you’re not feeling well so you can pinpoint the issue, set priorities, and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Everyone can show sympathy in these moments; therefore you will find a way to get through a hard day.


Every beginning is exciting and perhaps even challenging, but the satisfaction will be immeasurable once you look back and realize how much you have changed and learned from the first few months of work. Stay with an open mind, and your curiosity will peak. This is the mindset that will help you to succeed.

We hope our advice will be helpful to you as you begin your career. If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Valoris, go here for additional information. Furthermore, follow this link to contact our recruitment team and view the opportunities that are now open.