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Career success: what does it mean?

There is no general rule when we define career success. For each person, professional success can mean something else. If for someone it implies a promotion to another position, for someone else, it could mean not being stressed at work, while other people want a pleasant work environment where they are not judged.

During your professional career, you will set your parameters of success and decide what it means for you. In addition to career advancement, salary increases, or the projects you are working on, here is how success looks from other points of view:

  1. Success means learning constantly

If, at your first job, you learn how things work at a workplace, you will know how to communicate professionally and carry out your activity as efficiently as possible; along the way, you will learn how to manage increasingly complex situations.

To be successful, it is essential to be a curious person, to want more from yourself, and to know how to recognize your merits when you do something well.

Learn from mistakes and strive to find even better methods of managing tasks, but remember to trust yourself every time.

A pleasant workplace, which keeps you motivated, is where you always have something to learn. Even if it seems complicated, you will learn to deal with all situations. And, let’s be serious, who likes a job without dynamics and new elements?

  1. Success means knowing that it’s ok not to have only good days

Being realistic in your work is essential. We don’t always have good days; maybe we make mistakes or don’t know everything, but this is normal. If you had a bad day today, tomorrow would be better. If everything doesn’t go according to plan, don’t put pressure on yourself! We all make mistakes, and the most important thing is to know how to manage atypical situations. Be optimistic, and indeed everything will be fine.

Success means knowing that, even though you made a mistake, you got involved 100% and did everything you could in that situation. Appreciate yourself when you succeed and be understanding of yourself, especially when something doesn’t work out the way you would have liked. Happiness is in your hands, and if you don’t remember to look on the bright side, you will face anxiety or sadness.

  1. Success means knowing that your work has an impact

Did you solve a customer’s situation, and he thanked you? Be sure that your work has an impact! Even if you do not manage to please the customer, it is essential to give him all the necessary explanations and instructions and treat him with respect. Your activity and the attitude with which you solve specific tasks influence the people around you.

Your work has an impact on both your clients and your colleagues. It is important to be a team player, to help your colleagues, to want to have good results together, and to be pleasant to work with.

Everything you do has an effect, positive or negative. You choose how you want it to be!

  1. Success means starting your day with a good vibe

One of the most important aspects is the way you feel at work. Regardless of the field, position, or salary, starting your day with devotion is essential to your professional success.

Enjoy what surrounds you, and always be open to new challenges! You may have super funny colleagues who support you and help you improve every day. In that case, the job offers you diverse activities to your taste, and the climate is comfortable so that you can consider yourself a successful person.

  1. Success means being able to observe your evolution

From a professional point of view, noticing how much you have evolved from one month to another or from one year to another helps you build your self-esteem. Think about it! What were you doing last year at this time? So you know a lot more now than you did then?

Or do you still remember when you said, “I’ll never be able to do this!” and now it’s all over the place for you? It’s incredibly nice to observe your evolution and go back to point 2; with all those less good days, look how much you learned.

Be proud of yourself and even periodically write down everything you have learned in a certain period. You will be surprised how much you know, even if sometimes you don’t realize it!


We wanted to show you what success can mean besides everything we’ve heard many times. We hope that we have inspired you and if you’re going to apply for an exciting job in our team, visit our careers page! You decide how you define your success in your personal life and career.