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Positive attitude and performance in the field of BPO

Most of the time, performance in the BPO field and contact center activity comes from attitude. A positive attitude helps us both in everyday life and in the tasks we have to perform at work.

The degree of satisfaction customers have with a company depends on how the contact center agent interacts with them. The quality of the interaction will also affect the customer’s opinion about the agent.

Positive thinking helps us get the best results, no matter how difficult a situation may seem at first. However, how does a positive attitude help us, and how can we achieve it?

We have identified some advantages of having a positive attitude, and some tips that help you stay optimistic.

A positive attitude creates and maintains a healthy work environment.

A pleasant and healthy work environment is beneficial both for you and for the whole company. Given that we spend 8 hours a day at work, why not make this time frame enjoyable?

In the BPO field, great emphasis is placed on individual performance, but also team success. Thus, when you have a negative attitude, how you behave can affect the other team members and their performance. Regardless of the interactions you have, it is good to stay empathetic and positive.

Be proactive both in the relationship with clients and in relationships with colleagues. If you can help your colleagues who have recently started, try to do it. Don’t forget that you, too needed help and support at the beginning of your career.

Also, when a client faces a difficult situation, try to solve it before giving a final answer. These actions often bring you the feeling of satisfaction that you have contributed to solving a problem. In addition, positive results will not belong in coming.

Attitude and performance create career opportunities

We all know that the opportunities for growth and advancement in the BPO field are numerous and diverse. The agent position is just the first role you can have in a contact center. With a little effort and a positive attitude, you can get promoted as a Back-up Team Leader, Team Leader, Manager. You can also migrate to internal support positions, such as IT, Marketing, Human Resources, and other departments.

In this field, the career involves more than learning some phrases to repeat to each client. A successful career involves a complex and uninterrupted learning process, from mastering the characteristics of the company’s products or services to knowing the types of customers and approaches in various situations.

If you want to become a leader, it is crucial to pay attention to your career from the beginning, correct any shortcomings, and always highlight the aspects you do well. That is why the first step in developing your career is to have a positive attitude.

Positive thinking promotes and supports mental health

It is more important than ever to pay attention to our emotions and do everything we can to take care of our minds. Research proves that using positive words and the having right attitude help us to feel better and get over everyday problems easily.

So, you can apply the power of positive language both in your daily life and at work. Instead of using negative words or phrases like “no”, “I can’t help you”, “it’s not my fault”, try to find positive ones, like “let me check this information”, “I will try to solve this situation as best I can”, “I will gladly transfer you to my colleagues who manage such cases”. Besides the fact that you will give the client a good impression, you will feel better because you had positive interaction and you did everything in your power to help someone.

Effective communication starts with the right attitude

In addition to the positive words you say, effective communication depends largely on nonverbal and paraverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is applied in face-to-face interactions and depends on body language, facial expressions, and gestures. However, when you communicate mostly through phone calls, paraverbal communication has more power. A proper tone, a pleasant voice volume, intonation, but also pauses during speech help you communicate effectively with the client. Also, don’t forget that the smile during the call is perceivable on the phone!

For sure, it happened to you to have a less good day, to go to the store, and the cashier to be very kind and smiling. Sometimes a good word is enough to instantly improve your mood. So, try to spread as much positive energy as possible to those you interact with during the day.  Be a source of joy and the reason why someone smiles today!