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Gaining experience or pursuing a career in a call center – a step forward towards your professional development

Have you ever thought about starting your career in a call center, but you didn’t know what to expect from this kind of job? You’ve certainly heard a lot of opinions about working for a BPO company, but one thing is certain: working in this domain could be one of the most important experiences for your professional development. Contrary to general opinion, having a job in a call center it’s not dull and it might be the perfect opportunity to develop the necessary skills for building a successful career.

By working in this industry, you will be able to develop three of the most important soft skills which can lay the foundation for your future career. You will understand how important it is to be empathic and able to communicate with another person, you will learn how to face difficult situations or how to handle rejection and you will improve your negotiations skills, so you can manage to turn a “no” into a “yes”. But more specifically, which are the benefits of working in a call center?

  1. You will improve your communication skills and you will become more confident

     If you seriously think about pursuing a career in a call center, you can be sure that a part of your future job will consist in communicating with clients. Whether we refer to phone calls or to the support which you must provide via chat or via e-mail, it will be necessary to have a professional attitude towards the consumers. And this is something you’ll learn best by working in the BPO industry.

In general, people are shy when they need to speak with strangers, but once you will acquire some experience and after you’ll be seriously trained, you will gain more confidence regarding your communication skills. Whether you decide to pursue a career in a call center or any other field, you can be sure that you will reap the benefits of improving these skills.

  1. You will understand how important it is to be proactive for your professional development

     Currently, most BPO companies are encouraging agents to find the best solutions to solve the customer’s problems and by using this method for offering customer support services you will have the opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills. Because you will work each day with various people, you will begin to recognize different kinds of human typologies. And in the business environment, this thing is very much appreciated. Thus, by working in a call center you will learn almost everything you need to know about client service: from the support you must provide to the clients, to which is the right approach when talking with unhappy customers and to what the customers want and need.

  1. You will learn how to truly listen to the others

     Independent of the field you will work, when people feel that you understand them and that you care about what happened to them, they will be more open to communicate with you. So your activity will become more productive. By working in a call center, you will learn best what patience is and how to truly listen to what others are saying. Also, in the BPO industry, you will often face situations when customers who need your help won’t know how to explain to you their problems. In such situations, your ability to listen carefully to what they are saying and your communication skills will make the difference. These skills will help you stand out from the crowd and be more productive.

  1. You will figure out how to empathize with other people

   Sometimes, what matters more than the problem you are dealing with is to find someone who empathizes with you. And empathy is not a common feeling in the business environment. But at the end of the day, we are all humans and having an empathic attitude will help you win and keep your clients. Even if for the most companies you will work for, efficiency will be one of their major objective, sometimes the right approach must be less oriented towards the results and more towards the client, in order to develop a close relationship with them. Being empathic will help you create a trustworthy relationship and in the long run this will help you create valuable relationships for your development.

  1. You will find out what it’s like to work under pressure and how to deal with a dynamic work environment

A call center job involves a lot of interactivity, unforeseen situations that need to be solved and a dynamic work environment, so by working here you will develop one of the skills that will help you most in your call center career and beyond. This is the ability to work under pressure. Thus, you will become more focused on what you should do, more efficient and it will be much easier for you to deal with the critical situations that may arise. And because this skill is highly valued, your chances of finding the job you truly want will increase.

  1. You will participate to numerous professional trainings

When you start working in a call center, the beginning period will be marked by various trainings in which you will participate. The training programs are usually about the products or services from the projects in which you will be involved, but you will also participate at sales and soft skills development trainings. The most attractive part though, is that you can sign up to additional trainings, usually organized by the BPO companies. That’s how you can continue to invest in your own development. Even if we are talking about your technical, project management or leadership skills, having a call center job might be one of the best opportunity for everyone who wants to grow.

In conclusion, starting your career in call center may be the best way to develop yourself, even if you will later choose to work in other industries. Because the required soft skills for developing a professional career can be taught, practiced and improved by working in a contact center, this job can be ideal to gain confidence in yourself and your skills. And if we’ve managed to convince you that this can be the best start for your career, you can check the available positions we have, here: