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Valoris Superheroes – Catalina’s story

We are delighted to reveal to you Valoris successful stories’! Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our superheroes, Catalina – Organizational development jr. specialist. Discover her journey and get inspired!

  1. What do you think we should know about you? Could tell us more about yourself?

I was an introvert person, especially in high school, but over time I learned to express myself and not be afraid of what other people think about my ideas. I’m almost extroverted now. I am a happy person, I like to laugh a lot, to joke and I always try to see the positive side. I like to think that I only share good vibes. In college I learned that I need  critically thinking, to question everything and always be informed from several sources. It may sound a little dramatic, but it helped me a lot. I don’t like the rules, but I try to accept them. I am a person who prefers to live in the present, I rely a lot on my instinct and I make decisions in  the moment, when I feel like doing it, all this in my free time. From 9:00 to 18:00, I am responsible, perfectionist and I always respect my deadlines. I have two different personalities.

  1. Where did you graduate from and what are your plans?

I’ve graduated the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, specializing in Human Resources and I’ve followed my master’s degree there. The master’s degree was called Sociology of Consumption and Marketing, but it always seemed to sound a little pretentious to me. I don’t like to think about the future so much and I’m not the kind of person who makes plans even though at one point I dreamed of moving to Hawaii and living in a tree house. I will analyze this option.

  1. What was your childhood dream?

I went through two stages. When I was little, I’ve dreamed of being an “actress”(TN: the word actress was spelled wrong in the original version). The adults around me found it funny when they heard me and didn’t correct me. They laughed at me and said I was going to be the biggest “actress.” I was 4-5 years old. When I was growing up, I was determined to become a veterinary. I grew up in the country and my father constantly brought me animals: puppies, cats, bunnies, etc. He kept going until his mother forbade him to bring more because I already had a small zoo. My father didn’t bring me any more animals, but I’ve continued to shelter them. Even now, everything I find on the street I take home. My mother surrender to this situation.

  1. Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I am a very active person, but the pandemic made things difficult for me. I like to practice sports, especially since I was a professional handball player in the past. Now I prefer fitness. It’s like I’ve run too much for so many years and now I don’t want to do it anymore :). While I was locked in the house, I became interested in DIY. I kept watching videos on Youtube and I’ve started to try too. Last time I created a super house for my cats from some wood, cardboard and textiles. It turned out great, but these ungrateful ones prefer to stay anywhere, but not there. Another passion of mine is to go to second-hand stores, to find atypical clothes (as strange as possible, colorful) that I can later transform. My mother supports me, she is good at tailoring and suits them for me, but tit doesn’t help me. I can say that my closet sometimes cries, it suffocates too.

  1. Do you have a motto? If so, which one?

My high school French teacher once said something that impressed me: “We fought a lot for freedom. Enjoy it”. I’ve thought about it for a long time, I’ve analyzed and after many years, I understood what it meant. We live in a society based on rules and that can sometimes make us feel small. I know for sure because it happens to me sometimes. If someone asked me what freedom is, I probably wouldn’t really know how to define it. It is such a broad concept and everyone should have their own definition. Now, I put my freedom first, as I understand it, and I’m a really happy person.

  1. When did you join the Valoris team?

This month I’ve turned one year old within Valoris. I got hired on February 13, 2020 and started as a call center agent but for about a month I have been part of Matilda’s team. It’s a job I really wanted and I feel it suits me. Although I am no longer part of the previous team, a part of me remained there. My colleagues became my friends and I can only thank them. They gave me confidence from the beginning and I am very grateful for that.

  1. How was your experience while working for Valoris so far?

I liked it at first but it was a little weird, to be honest. From the first interview I felt that this was my place. I don’t know why, I can’t explain myself now. I had other interviews before Valoris but I didn’t feel I could work there. Here, all the people were extremely kind and it was obvious that it was a pleasant environment. I’ve felt it since I’ve walked into the building. When I was offered to stay, I did not hesitate. I accepted on the spot and when I met my new colleagues it was even better. I felt integrated and I think it’s very important from the beginning. When I’ve started working in Cezara’s team, it wasn’t easy for me. It was my first real job, I was not used to work but they have always given me the necessary support and I did not encounter any problems. It was all perfect.

  1. What do you love most about us?

You are a young team and it is obvious that you are investing especially time in your people. They are all very nice, always eager to help you. What more could you want?

  1. Finally, what message do you have for your colleagues? 

For experienced colleagues I would not know what to say. They do not need advice, they are true professionals. However, I want to give advice to colleagues at the beginning of the experience because I think they need it more. I come from the operational department and I know that there may be less pleasant interactions with some customers. I would tell them not to be affected, to think about the important role they have and to seek to constantly evolve. Promotion opportunities are real and should not be neglected.