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Valoris Superheroes – Stefania’s story

We are delighted to reveal to you Valoris successful stories’! Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our superheroes, Stefania – Jr. Organizational Development Specialist. Discover her journey and get inspired!

  1. What do you think we should know about you? Could tell us more about yourself?

I like to think that I radiate good vibes, which I want to pass on to others. I am also friendly, funny, and optimistic, but, when necessary, I am neat, ambitious, and focused on what I do and speak. Briefly, I am a friendly person. 😊

  1. Where did you graduate from and what are your plans?

Currently, I am still a student at the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchanges within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, and in the future, I want to work in the financial field, in accounting, although, to be honest, it seems like a real challenge, which I hope to complete with flying colors.

  1. What was your childhood dream?

When I was a kid, I used to dream of something else every day, which happened until high school. Every week I made my plans differently. On Monday, I dreamed of becoming a successful lawyer, on Tuesday I imagined myself wearing a police uniform, on Wednesday I started to like the gendarmes, on Thursday I was passionate about the plane and the stewardess job, on Friday I returned to Law and I wanted to become a clerk, on Saturday I was an educator, and on Sunday I returned to accounting, and so on, until I decided that the financial field delighted me the most.

  1. Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I try as much as I can to give myself time, so I try to surround myself with my loved ones and enjoy relaxing activities together, such as walking, sports, good music. I enjoy driving and listening to songs that put me in a good mood and finding new things, places, and people. Broadly speaking, I can say that socializing is my hobby in my free time.

  1. Do you have a motto? If so, which one?

I don’t know if it’s a motto, but most of the time, whether it’s beautiful or not, I try to treat things as such, thinking of the saying, “ What must be, must be.” I also believe in chance and luck, but at the same time I consider that “we still make our luck with our own hands”.

  1. When did you join the Valoris team?

I joined the Valoris team 2 years and 3 months ago, on September 9, 2019, to be exact, and what started as a mistake, became a long and pleasant experience. I just accidentally applied for a job at Valoris. In an attempt to access the ”Moovit” app, I accessed the ”Ejobs” app, which has similar logo colors, and I told myself that if I still accessed the app, I’ll start applying to different announcements, and in a few minutes, I was reached by the colleagues from Recruitment to set up an interview.

  1. How was your experience while working for Valoris so far?

The Valoris experience was a pleasant one in most moments, difficult maybe, in some busier days, from the point of view of the activity and the project, but the word that can describe my experience is “wonderful”. I have a mix of positive feelings towards Valoris’ professionalism, and especially towards the collective.

  1. What do you love most about us?

Without thinking, I can say that my favorite is the Valoris team. I have never met a team so welcoming, cheerful, optimistic, altruistic and at the same time professional. I feel I am part of a big family, in which everyone greets each other and becomes friends, and in which there are no degrees of superiority because all colleagues have an equal and friendly attitude.

  1. Finally, what message do you have for your colleagues? 

My advice to my colleagues is to never give up on what they set out to do, their dreams and aspirations, because only those who persevere will win. Also, don’t forget to smile every day. 😊