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The best paid languages when working in a Call Center

If you’re familiar with the BPO industry it means that you already know that when looking for a job, knowing a foreign language is an important factor, which will make the difference between you and other candidates. And if you speak a language that isn’t so popular, your chances for gaining a higher salary while working in a call center increase.

In Romania, call center jobs are very popular. According to the statistical data given by, the call center or customer service industry created aproximately 3600 new jobs in the country.

Therefore, which are the best paid foreign languages? At the moment, the most wanted is russian, but you can gain a large sum of money if you speak farsi, or the persian language, an indo-european language spoken in southern and central Asia. Another popular language in the industry is french. However if you speak only romanian, the most jobs in the industry are for the telecom companies existent in the local market.

TOP 7 the best paid foreign languages in a call center:

  1. Farsi: net salaries between 2.700 – 4000 RON;
  2. Russian: net salaries between 1.900 – 2.800 RON (the most wanted foreign language on the Bucharest call center market);
  3. French: net salaries between 1.900 – 2.800 RON;
  4. Polish: net salaries between 2.000 – 2.700 RON;
  5. Tagalog (Philipine Islands): net salaries between 2.000 – 2.500 RON;
  6. Serbian: net salaries between 1.800 – 2.500 RON.

In conclusion, if you speak a not so popular foreign language you can start your career by working in a call center, while gaining a satisfying salary.