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The best stress management techniques in call center

We all know how stressful having results and improving efficiency while working in the BPO industry can be. The activity is dynamic, the workload is tremendous and there are high performance indicators that must be reached. All this make the customer support job very stressful.  The pressure is not only felt by the employees, but also by the company. A stressful work environment is expensive, and it can decrease the company’s profitability by 66%. So, the best thing we can do is to pay attention to our teams and to the environment they operate in.

Therefore, in order to make sure that our agents do a good work, we must implement stress management techniques for our employees to be happier, to decrease absenteeism and to improve the quality of the services that we offer.  So, how can we reduce stress in the BPO industry? Read below the best techniques:

1.You must clearly define the roles within the company, the performance metrics and your expectations from agents 


Within every company, having an organized activity is essential in order to obtain the desired results and to increase efficiency. For this reason, the agent’s responsibilities and objectives should be clearly defined. By explaining in detail, the performance evaluation indicators, the agents will better understand their role within the project and will become more responsible when doing their tasks.  Aligning your expectations with the performance evaluation criteria for your employees will also help reduce the stress level. For example, you cannot advice your agents to take all the time they need to solve a customer’s issue and, at the same time, evaluate their performance based on the number of calls they handled or made. To make sure that your employees do not work under stressful conditions, their evaluation should be done according to their activity. Also, offering them the possibility to check their results can make the agents feel they are in control and they have more autonomy.

2.Be flexible when giving breaks

We must offer the highest quality services to our clients, therefore the activity in a call center is often more restrictive than in other areas. But it’s important for the agents to be allowed to take a break from time to time. By efficiently organizing your projects, you’ll be able to offer them a break after a stressful interaction and this will make your employees feel more relaxed.


3.Encourage networking and make sure you always find ways to improve the work environment


Even the most stressful activity can become pleasant if the work environment is friendly. Studies have shown that team activities which are fun and participating to various internal events can boost your employees’ morale. And the results will soon appear, and you’ll offer your clients services with a higher quality. It is also important to create a cozy workplace to significantly reduce stress level. Make sure that the chairs are comfortable, that there is enough natural light and that the noise is reduced in the call center. You can also create a relaxation room where agents can unplug for a few minutes a day from their job.

4.Develop a close relationship with your employees and make sure their results are rewarded


Often, the problems that agents encounter can be easily solved if there is good communication with their team leader or superiors. When managers are able to form an open and honest relationship with the agents, they will feel free to ask for help and to say what is bothering them. So, they will feel supported and less stressed.

Having bonus systems for rewarding your employees also helps. Thus, even if the activity is challenging, agents will feel more motivated to deliver the best results and it will be easier for them to cope with the pressure.

5.Offer effective trainings


Imagine how stressful would it be to ride a bike without knowing how to do it. The point is, the better you know how to do your job, the less stressful it will be. The same thing applies to the call center agents. By offering them effective trainings, with useful and insightful information, your employees will perform better. They will also become better with stress management. You must pay attention to the activity they are doing to provide them continuous feedback. This way you will be able to increase their productivity, the confidence in their own skills and to reduce the stress level.

In conclusion, even if the call center activity can be stressful, this should not affect the performance of your employees or of your company. By implementing the right stress management techniques, the agents will be able to cope with demanding situations, you will experience an increased productivity and you will have much happier customers.