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Top 5 most frequent questions about working in a call center

We see all the time recruitment ads about working in a call center, but what are they really about? Besides the information everyone can read in a job description, let’s find out what working in the contact center industry really means.

Everyone who is interested in this type of job opportunities has some curiosities, especially those without any professional experience. So, if you’re thinking about applying to a call center job, we’ve answered to the top 5 most frequent questions our candidates have. Read below to gain some clarity about your professional future.

1. What does a call center agent’s workday look like?

The activity of call center agents depends on the project they work for, so their responsibilities may vary. However, at the core of the contact center industry lays the customer, thus a call center agent must provide continuous support to clients for the problems that they encounter. Apart from communicating with customers, an agent must follow specific procedures, meet the established KPI’s and his activity is usually very dynamic. That’s why an agent must pay attention to the information received in the training and to know in detail the project they’re working for.

2. Is it true that the stress level is very high?

If you just got the job and you’re not used to work with customers, the activity may seem stressful. Talking to difficult people, who demand immediate solutions to their requests and who are not very understanding, can be a challenge when working in a call center, but everything will become easier as soon as you learn how to handle those difficult clients and you’ll internalize the specific details of the project.

While working in the contact center industry the key is to detach yourself emotionally and to look at your job like an experience that will prove very valuable for your future career. The knowledge you’ll gain in a call center will help you build valuable relationships in the future, which will prove to be useful for your career. Also, to keep the activity fun, companies from the customer care industry organize various activities and contests for their employees and usually the work environment is very friendly.

3. The schedule will affect your free time?

The work schedule in a call center company is flexible and that will make it possible for you to organize your free time according to your needs. What can be better than choosing the perfect time frame to work?  Even though sometimes you’ll have work on weekends or there will be night shifts, you will most certainly have free time to do other activities that you’re passionate about. The secret is to become a very organized person.

4. Which are my chances of getting a promotion while working in a call center?

The biggest advantage while for call center company is represented by the professional development opportunities that can arise if you’re responsible and dedicated when doing your job. Companies within the contact center industry are notorious for the advancement opportunities they offer to their employees and usually most managers are promoted within the company. If you’ll have good results, you can be promoted as a team leader or project manager or you can even apply for a job in other departments. It’s up to you. Be open, proactive and prove that you can be professional and have good results. The opportunities will soon appear.

5. Which skills are required to work for a call center company?

Usually, people who are communicative and have a customer-oriented approach are perfect for the job. A call center agent represents the company among the clients, so they must ensure that every interaction they have with customers will produce a positive impact. Maybe the required skills are natural for some candidates, but if that’s not the case, don’t panic. By working in a call center you’ll benefit from various trainings to help you improve your skills. Therefore, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding about how to approach clients, how to handle complex situations and you’ll develop yourself personally and professionally. Summarizing, a call center agent must have excellent writing and communication skills, patience, be a flexible and empathetic person and have an attitude oriented towards finding the right solutions for any situation they find themselves in.

In conclusion, the activity in the outsourcing industry is very complex. So, if you were looking to work in a call center but you were not sure if the job suited you, we hope that we have answered your most frequent dilemmas. Keep in mind that if you’re looking to develop yourself professionally, a job in a call center may be the perfect opportunity.