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Valoris Center Earns Outstanding Reviews from Clients

Despite the troubles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Romania remains a prime choice for nearshore outsourcing because of its people’s talents and skills. Whether it’s for IT, financial, or marketing services, BPO companies have shown that they are great assets to enterprises and fast-growing start-ups.

With 15 years of solid experience, Valoris Center is a top-notch Romanian BPO company that offers extensive tailored solutions from voice services to consulting efforts.  Headquartered in Bucharest, our company has a proven track record with the brightest clients from multiple industries across the globe.

In light of their overwhelming support, we’re ecstatic to announce that we’re finally debuting on Clutch! Three of our invaluable clients helped our team get started on the widely respected platform, and have provided us with their thorough insights.

Washington DC-based review and rating platform, Clutch is known for its commitment to helping clients connect with the right service providers for their needs. The site has been regarded by the likes of Inc. Magazine, and has been listed as one of the United States’ fastest-emerging start-ups.

Their Insights

Gaining traction on Clutch will not only help us prove our services, it will also help us identify gaps and opportunities for us to grow even further. Just recently, the Customer Operations Manager of UniCredit Leasing S.P.A., the Real Time Operations Supervisor of Glovo and the Services Manager of a Consumer Products Company  wrote their five-star reviews for our company.

We provide call center services for their businesses, and we’ve been working with them since March 2007 and January 2019. Take a look at their gracious insights on the platform:

“The answering rate is over 95%, SLA 90% in less than 30 seconds with a first contact resolution of more than 95%. The average time of a call is 3.5 minutes and the QA score is over 88%. They are proactive and find solutions for any given situation.” — Customer Operations Manager, UniCredit Leasing S.P.A.

“Valoris manages to deliver each month an exceeding SLA score. Customer satisfaction is also achieved, and they reach a 90% success rate for partners’ onboarding. Valoris is a flexible business partner, meaning they can adapt and react to challenges. They proved this from the start, by handling a quick and effective ramp-up. Moreover, in the first year of business, they scaled up the team up to three times and improved customer satisfaction scores, at the same time.” — Real Time Operations Supervisor, Glovo

“We appreciate Valoris Center’s flexibility and capacity to adapt, and we acknowledge their involvement in the project.” Services Manager, Consumer Products Company

Having our clients’ trust means the world to us. Their satisfaction and success represent the dedication and impact we have on their businesses. Massive thanks to UniCredit Leasing S.P.A., Glovo and our customer from a consumer products company for these remarkable reviews.

Check out our vendor profile on Clutch to see what we do for our clients. They are just three of our many clients, and we can’t wait to see more incredible reviews like these in the future.

Moreover, a blog resource, The Manifest, named Valoris Center as one of the highest-performing business process outsourcing companies in the whole of Europe. To be seen by independent entities means that we’re doing a great job. We dedicate this recognition to our clients and hardworking teammates!

Modern solutions to your unique needs. Work with Valoris Center and scale your business. Give us a call and let’s hear what you have in mind.