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CSR: Small steps for a better future | Giving back in 2022

2022 was a year full of challenges, unforeseen situations, achievements, and joy on all levels. For Valoris, this year was dedicated to receiving new recognition, forming sustainable partnerships, and strengthening our internal community. For many years we have chosen to get involved in the well-being of the community with our CSR actions, and we strive to provide support throughout the year and get involved in helping people who need support.

As usual, our CSR actions in the past year were dedicated to the local community. Moreover, we also offered help to the refugees from Ukraine. Here’s how we offered our support in 2022:

  1. We got involved in helping refugees from Ukraine

In the context of the war happening near us, we could not remain indifferent. At the end of February, together with the Youhub Association, we helped the refugee families from Ukraine who arrived in Galati and Tulcea.

Nothing is more valuable for a child than the safety and comfort provided by parents and a welcoming environment enabling development. Unfortunately, too many families in Ukraine have lost their peace and hope. Thus, we quickly mobilized, purchased, and sent them products for the little ones: diapers, powdered milk, and clothes.


In March, we stood again with the refugees from Ukraine and provided the transport for the products they needed. The products were transported from Tulcea to Siret, Suceava county, for orphaned children from Ukraine who arrived in Romania. We made sure that everything got there in the shortest possible time and safely.

  1. We organized an Empathy and Communication training for the students of a school in sector 3, in Bucharest

In March 2022, our Training team organized a workshop at Dante Alighieri High School in Bucharest for 5th-grade students. The children and our colleagues participated in an interactive meeting dedicated to empathy, an essential skill we believe we must cultivate from an early age.

During this training, the youngsters participated in several activities to help them better understand and apply empathy and communication concepts. In the end, they received prizes, diplomas, and materials with the information from the workshop, but also a feedback form, after which we are happy to declare that the action was a success.

At Valoris Center, we emphasize empathy and consider that investment in education is an investment in the future. We are pleased to share and adapt our knowledge and skills with the younger generations and to contribute to a better future.

  1. We donated Easter toys

This year, during the Easter holiday, we wanted to support the children from the childcare centers of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Sector 3.

Our colleagues gathered again and purchased and wrapped gifts for our little friends, according to the lists received from them.

Each child received sweets, toys, clothes, and care products. The little ones were delighted to receive exactly what they wanted, and we were happy that we brought them a moment of joy.

  1. We donated supplies for the new school year

Because we value education and believe that only with its help can we have a better future and a developed society, we get involved in actions dedicated to children’s schooling.

Thus, we mobilized and purchased what each student needed, and together, we managed to offer the children from the placement centers in Sector 3 some of the supplies they needed to start the new school year.

At Valoris, we support education in local communities.

  1. We sponsored a Christmas workshop

As we always support our little friends from the placement centers in Sector 3, we also sponsored the Christmas workshop organized by the YouHub Association. The children prepared various holiday decorations,  and Valoris Center covered the expenses for this action through a donation.

Social responsibility helps us to evolve as a society. At Valoris Center, we constantly take small steps for a better future and participate in charitable actions involving our colleagues throughout the year. We are proud to support children from foster care centers, and in 2023 we aim to bring even more smiles to the faces of those who need our help.

We are grateful that this year, our CSR efforts in supporting the local community were recognized locally and internationally. Valoris Center received the award for “Best CSR Campaign” within the Romanian Contact Center Awards 2022, as well as the “Highly Commended” distinction for the “Giving Something Back” category at the European Contact Center & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA).