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Data security in BPO companies

For many of us, the Internet is now our primary information source. The progress of humanity has been greatly aided by the virtual world, which is now an essential tool for companies worldwide. Data security issues have likewise developed as technology has advanced.


Data security for clients should represent a top priority for each company.

Partners entrust outsourcing firms with their clients’ data, which needs to be handled with extreme caution. This is a subject that is extremely important to a BPO business. A potential incident in this area could damage the company’s reputation, causing financial losses or even legal issues.


At Valoris Center, we constantly take the most robust measures to guarantee that we follow all laws and that the data of our partners are secure:



is a crucial step when transferring data between partners. Documents containing sensitive data are transferred using the best techniques and are encrypted, password-protected, and secured to ensure that everything proceeds under the strictest security conditions.


We are implementing secure networks and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.

The company’s IT department oversees putting the best data management and protection systems in place, which are regularly reviewed and upgraded. We use the most secure technology to ensure they operate correctly.


Two-factor authentication

We must ensure that there is no chance that a colleague’s equipment will be accessed by a third party, particularly in the customer service sector. We wish to foster a secure atmosphere for our partner’s clients precisely because we provide remote and hybrid employment opportunities. According to the instructions they get, our employees connect to the Valoris systems, and any abnormality that arises is instantly examined for and fixed by our IT experts.


Continuous testing and security audits

Installing a security system is insufficient. At Valoris, we regularly update and verify data systems to ensure everything is maintained securely.


Employee training

This is one of the most important factors. Our coworkers take part in regular training sessions and courses where they learn how to manage data and reduce the likelihood that they will make mistakes regarding our clients’ data. All our employees must complete project training sessions, specific GDPR training, and information security training to ensure that they are aware of the repercussions of not following the rules.

The work equipment on which the employees carry out their activity is the company’s property. Therefore, user privileges on these computers are restricted. The department they are a part of, and the areas where they require access to do their jobs determine each user’s level of access.


Security-based organizational culture

When you provide safety to your employees and foster a culture that values safety, this attitude will also show how people approach their work. At Valoris Center, “We put safety first” is one of our guiding principles. This is ensuring both the safety of our employees at work and the safety of partnerships and everything they include.

As soon as the employee understands the critical value of his personal information, he will unquestionably treat this matter professionally. This is the reason why our coworkers occasionally receive messages containing helpful information about cyber security. Employees are taught to recognize phishing scams, spam emails, and other potential threats to managed data.


International recognition

Valoris holds the ISO 27001 Security certificate, which attests to the seriousness with which data is managed within the organization.

Security is a top priority in all we do. Following international laws and professional standards, we are dedicated to securing all information and data about clients, customers, employees, and their activities.


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