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Employee experience is customer experience: Valoris Center approach

Employee experience is essential in many businesses, especially in the Customer Support industry, for generating exceptional interactions with end consumers. People usually make a difference in maintaining a customer or resolving a crisis.

When we talk about employee experience, we mean how they interact with the company from the beginning of the recruitment process to the end of the partnership. Employee experience is also associated with the work environment, a person’s sense of belonging to the company, and commitment to its values.

Companies that prioritize employee well-being will see higher retention, lower absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved results overall. Furthermore, employees who are acknowledged and rewarded by the company are less likely to experience emotions of burnout.

Considering the technological advancement, many end-users expect businesses to provide self-service options for a better user experience. At the same time, they prefer to speak with an agent personally for complex matters.

What does Valoris do to improve the employee experience?

  1. We build trust.

We believe our colleagues should feel understood and supported inside the company. Diversity and inclusion are essential to organizational culture. Valoris Center encourages individuality, considers all suggestions from colleagues, and avoids judging them based on criteria other than those relevant to the activity itself.

Opportunities for advancement and development within the company are significant. We periodically publish internally new open positions for which our workers can apply (Team Leader, Quality Analyst, and Manager roles, but also roles in support departments such as CRM, Marketing, IT, HR, Financial, or WFM). Employee retention is achievable because the company commits to supporting each employee’s development.

  1. We value and consider employee suggestions.

From onboarding to leaving the company, Valoris Center guarantees that employees are being listened to and their ideas are acknowledged. Our Customer Support specialists, who engage directly with end customers, are the ones who make a significant contribution to optimizing work procedures and the environment itself.

We ask for regular feedback from colleagues from the start of their careers in the company. We collaborate with them to improve the work environment and activities on specific projects. In addition, we undertake employee satisfaction surveys regularly.

In addition to these measures, we ensure that employees who leave to explore other opportunities provide us with their feedback via exit interviews.

  1. We invest in each colleague’s personal growth.

Every organization must prioritize employee development to help people reach their full potential. It will result in higher performance and a more comfortable working environment.

Valoris employees participate in company-sponsored professional and personal development courses regularly. We look after each colleague’s growth, from project-specific training to optimizing results to empathy or problem-solving training.

  1. We value enjoyment and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Of course, employees must grow regularly and work in a fun environment. Our organizational culture values socializing and having fun. We hold regular contests where each employee has an equal chance of winning. We publish a monthly internal magazine with relevant information from various fields, always creating appealing and entertaining content.

Furthermore, we believe that physical competitions enhance the team, so we host the annual Valoris Olympics, where teams compete in cooperation, communication, and creativity.

The Olympics are by far the most awaited Valoris Center event. Following this year’s edition, 97 percent of participants recommend that their colleagues register for future editions.

Employees understand that they are the most significant element of a company. As a result, firms that value their experience innovate continuously and provide exceptional services to their clients.