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Lead Generation

Create new sales opportunities!

Valoris Center agents will call potential clients in order to identify their needs, present your company’s services and set-up meetings for your sales team. With the Lead Generation service, your sales people can focus exclusively on sales.

Valoris contribution

If you are prepared to set an appointment programme or a strategic sales channel, Valoris provides you the expertise for implementing an integrated and efficient solution.

Our highly skilled representatives contact the potential customers, qualify them according to your expectations, create the specific action pattern, set up the purchasing appointments and transfer all this information to your sales team. This service is an efficient tool for your first contact with the customers, for setting up appointments and collecting feedback concerning your customers’ business needs. All the appointments or the business contacts are registered, all the data being checked to ensure they are up-to-date and real.

To sustain efficiency and profitability for each project, Valoris campaigns can run in shared or dedicated working system, in accordance with the complexity and volume, in order to be able to streamline costs and increase profitability. Dedicated teams are assigned with projects which have high absorption capacity and a heavy activity volume, while the shared workspace system manages multiple projects simultaneously with low and fluctuating workload.

The advanced technology accompanying Lead Generation service in conjunction with a quality control programme at the highest level, provide you and your sales team with the best opportunities.