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Working from home in 2020. How do we motivate employees during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Employee motivation is often a real challenge for recruitment specialists even under normal circumstances. Moreover, periods of crisis take us out of our comfort zone and lead us to look for optimal ways for employees to remain motivated, efficient and optimistic. For most of us, at first glance, working from home seems to be a dream come true: less time and money spent on the way to the office and more comfort. After a period of working from home, we find that things are completely different: we lack colleagues and the atmosphere at the office, feeling the need for socialization and mobility.

We invite you to discover some effective methods that Valoris has implemented to keep employees motivated even at a distance:

  1. Using online communication applications to keep the team united and motivated

Working from home should not limit communication and cooperation. So, from the very beginning we gave special importance to this situation and we organized ourselves in such a way that we managed to implement Remote working for all employees.

The company provided all the necessary equipment and IT support for the smooth running of the activities even remotely. The team meetings on certain days, the presentations and the discussions have successfully moved online, following their usual course. Among the applications we use, there are Teams, Zoom, Slack and, of course, WhatsApp.

  1. Focus online group for certain teams

The engine behind any business is employees, and in crises more than ever, they need to be listened to, protected and encouraged. We used online focus groups to find together with colleagues from the operational the best solutions regarding their needs and expectations regarding the accommodation to work from home. After all, in times of crisis, many innovative initiatives have been born, whether we are talking about new services, products or a new way of working.

  1. Fun activities and internal competitions

Even if we work from home, a good mood should not be missing!

At Valoris, the “Happiness Manager” takes care to provide employees with all kinds of contests and challenges, which come bundled with attractive prizes: gift vouchers, gadgets, personalized surprise gifts and much more. We stimulate and reward the creativity of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, just as we did before.

  1. Useful (weekly) recommendations for working productively

The well-being of the employees is taken care of by the HR department, which regularly sends tips & tricks for #WFH, movie recommendations and great ideas for leisure activities.The HR team needs to keep employees motivated and to provide advice to make isolation as easy as possible.

Department managers who provide constant support to their team also play an important role in keeping employees motivated and efficient. One to one meetings are a great opportunity to ask for and receive constant feedback on job tasks and to maintain a good mood. We all have something to learn from this experience and we learn best together.

  1. Employee survey and feedback on #WFH accommodation

When it comes to getting used to working from home, discipline sets the tone. Remote work requires discipline from employees and support from the employer. Moreover, trust and responsibility must exist on both sides.

We spoke directly with employees to find out their needs and preferences regarding adapting to the new way of working, #WFH. We found out that they have adapted quite well to the new working conditions and we will take into account their suggestions for improving the development of internal activities.

Thus, we got to know them a little better and we have in mind that their passions should be included as much as possible in future internal activities.

So, we can say with confidence that we have mobilized pretty well and we have managed to keep our employees motivated and efficient.

Come on and join the Valoris Team!