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How to introduce yourself to an interview

If you’re having an interview, the first contact with your potential employer and the way you present yourself can play a major part in your success. Therefore, is important to keep in mind some aspects to make sure that you’ll make a good first impression. Which are those?

Dress properly for an interview. Read about the culture, politics and about the practices of the company where you have the interview, so you can adjust dress accordingly for job you desire. Try to look nice and professional, without exagerrating.

Show a real and up-to-date CV. Most employers want to know from the beggining what is your real work experience and keep in mind that no one likes being lied to. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have an impressive professional portfolio. Instead, show your potential employers that you’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Avoid monosilabic answers. When having an interview, the lack of enthusiasm won’t offer you a leverage before other candidates, so avoid monosilabic answers to the questions you’ll receive. The person which will interview you will want to see that you’re determined to get the job, and the best way to get around your potential employer is by offering complex answers.

Don’t over do it. Creativity is indeed one of the most important skills that companies are looking for in a candidate, but don’t exaggerate. Be yourself and try to impress bu showing which your real qualities are. You’ll definitely succeed!

Do not negociate your salary in the first interview. If you already have work experience, you’ve certainly been through another recruitment process and you’re familiar with it. Therefore, we recommend to wait until you’ve passed the first phases of the interview to negociate your salary.

Offer clear and accurate answers to the questions you’ll receive. It isn’t necessary to prepare your answers in advance, but you must be ready to answer the standard questions in an interview.

If you’ll keep in mind our suggestions, you’ll definitely succeed in making a good first impression at your interview. Don’t forget to be respectful and to show that you’re the best candidate for the job.