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How We Celebrated Valoris Center’s 18th Anniversary

In April of this year, Valoris Center celebrated 18 years of excellence in the BPO market! This symbolic age marks the maturity and achievements of a dedicated and passionate team. Over these years, we have grown and developed together, strengthening our market position and building solid relationships based on trust and professionalism. To celebrate this special moment, we organized a series of events and activities aimed at bringing colleagues closer together.

Among these, two competitions were in the spotlight: “Valoris is Calling You!” and “Employee Recognition Awards.”

“Valoris is calling you!”: A Competition of Knowledge and Enthusiasm

We launched the “Valoris is Calling You!” contest to celebrate this special anniversary. The competition was interactive, involving colleagues in a fun way. Over 15 days, we randomly called colleagues and asked them questions about our company. Those who answered correctly were rewarded on the spot with prizes!

This initiative was not only a way to celebrate but also to highlight the impressive level of knowledge and dedication of our team. We were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and active participation of our colleagues, once again demonstrating how well we know and appreciate the values and history of Valoris Center. Congratulations to all participants and winners!

“Employee Recognition Awards”: An Initiative that Promotes Excellence and Collaboration

The “Employee Recognition Awards” contest was a special initiative designed to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contributions of our colleagues on Valoris’s anniversary.

Our team members could express their appreciation for their colleagues’ work and dedication by completing up to three forms to nominate three colleagues. The nominated individuals received an anonymous notification that they had been entered into the contest and a message of appreciation, reflecting our organizational culture based on the Valoris community spirit.

There were numerous prizes, as those who submitted the most heartfelt nominations received invitations to a highly acclaimed music festival, and the colleagues who made nominations were also among the prize winners.

We congratulate all the winners and thank everyone who participated and contributed to the success of this initiative! We witnessed an extraordinary team spirit and mutual recognition that strengthened and motivated us to continue supporting each other.

A Sweet Celebration at Valoris Center Headquarters

On April 19, Valoris’s birthday, we organized a celebration at the central office in Bucharest, dedicated to our colleagues, where we enjoyed cake and pastries. We relished relaxation and socializing together, thanks to the achievements of these 18 years of success.

The celebration of Valoris Center’s 18th anniversary was a success due to the involvement and enthusiasm of all our colleagues. Over time, numerous specialists dedicated to the outsourcing industry have been formed here who have become professionals and who daily put their talent at the service of customer satisfaction.

Together, we have demonstrated that through collaboration and mutual recognition, we have created a work environment where we have delivered and will continue to deliver professionalism and excellence in BPO solutions, both in Romania and abroad.