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Small steps towards a better future | Our CSR actions in 2021

2021 was both a challenging and joyful year. We all had to face challenges, fears, or difficult situations. However, we must remember that people from local communities need our support and attention.

At Valoris Center we pay close attention to social responsibility because it’s the only way to be better and help each other. Every year we want to contribute to other people’s needs by helping less fortunate individuals and bringing a smile to their faces.

In 2021, our goal was to help the children and teens from foster care centers in our district.

We partnered with the Institutionalized Youth Council and YouHub Association Romania, and together we organized activities dedicated to youngsters to cover the whole year with joy. Here is the calendar of good deeds done at Valoris Center in 2021:

  • Spring – Blooming Smiles

March was a special month for us because we donated diapers and powdered milk for the children in foster care. We were truly excited to do so because we understand how hard it is for these institutions to purchase these products, highly important for the babies.

  • Summer – joy conveyed through fun, socializing, and education

August caught us with a lot of energy and the desire for good deeds. Therefore, we wanted to bring more smiles, and we succeeded. We all remember how beautiful childhood is, especially in the summer, so we wanted every child to live unforgettable moments. The Institutionalized Youth Council organized a camp for 30 children in Brasov, a city in the heart of Romania, near the Carpathian mountains. Valoris Center sponsored accommodation for the entire period. The children participated in various workshops, hikes, and fun activities.

Because we wanted to become more committed to this cause we organized a workshop where our colleagues from Marketing, HR, and Training departments participated. The children enjoyed the time spent with the Valoris team, they danced, recreated, and had various educational activities, but most of all, they had fun together.

As a result, we felt that the little ones deserved a reward for the great answers and involvement they showed, so we organized a trip to Dino Park Rasnov (the biggest dinosaur theme park in Eastern Europe), where the children enjoyed a hike in the world of dinosaurs.

  • Autumn – support for the future

September is an important month for students, as it marks the start of the school year.

The Institutionalized Youth Council asked for support in this particular moment in every child’s life. Therefore, Valoris Center donated the necessary supplies for 400 children from disadvantaged environments. We value education and believe that every child should have access to it. Therefore, we get involved and support such actions.

  • Winter – ending the year with the Magic of Christmas

We all have a special feeling in December. It is a month of magic, gifts, and good deeds. This time, we decided to bring a smile to each child. With the help of Santa Claus and in collaboration with our friends from YouHub Association Romania, we managed to bring magic to 165 children and young people in an event in which we gladly participated.

At the Valoris Center headquarter in Bucharest, the Valoris team packed the children’s gifts, and we made sure that they would receive precisely what they had written to Santa. We started carrying the presents to the State Jewish Theater, where the children had a magic show. We enjoyed their smiles and songs, and we can vouch that it was an exciting day for everyone. We got to meet the children, laughed together, welcomed Santa Claus, and we enjoyed the magic of the winter holidays together. At Valoris Center, we take small steps towards a better future, and we try to get involved throughout the year in such actions, together with our colleagues. We are proud to help, and in 2022 we aim to bring even more smiles to the faces of people who need our help.