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Why customer satisfaction surveys are crucial for a successful company

A Valoris Center Case Study for a company in the Utilities Industry


A multinational German company in the utility industry. It operates in 30 countries and has over 33 million customers. It has been in operation in Romania since 2005 and has more than 3.3 million customers.

Our partner needed a company with know-how in outbound services, to conduct their customer satisfaction surveys. They needed us to collect feedback from their customers on different touch points.


We implemented an outbound solution. The client offers us a hot calling base (typically, the database is from the previous week). We call the end users until we meet the weekly target, then we send our partner the extensive reports.

Our outbound agents possess the ability to communicate effectively with customers and persuade them to remain on the call to provide the necessary information.


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One of the things that made us the best choice for our partner was our expertise in outbound services.
We have experience in implementing and monitoring outbound customer service projects.

To guarantee that we provide our partners’ end users with the greatest possible customer experience, we have established an internal quality KPI. Our quality analysts monitor agent interactions to ensure that they stick to the script and conduct the surveys professionally.