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The biggest challenges in customer service in 2018

The BPO industry is continuously changing, so the companies have to adapt constantly. What is 2018 representing for this area of activity and for the customer service field? A period of innovation and change! Although the shift in the customers approach has been felt since the last two years, in 2018 it is more pronounced than ever.

Customers are expecting their complaints to be heard and their problems to be resolved quickly and effectively. Thus, the companies face significant challenges in their attempt to keep their customers satisfied. Which are those challenges?

  1. To improve their chat support services

The most commonly used form of communication is through text messages and according to a study effectuated by Activate, a consulting company, by the end of the year almost 3.6 trillion people will have at least one text message app installed on their phone. This is proof that chat is a communication channel that can no longer be ignored by the companies concerned about the wellbeing of their customers. Companies that offer customer support services need to adapt and to refine their chat services, at the expense of their telephonic support. Chat messaging has become the most used communication channel because it offers countless advantages for the customers: the possibility to ask questions and to receive a response in real-time, the decrease of their waiting time and easy access to information. In addition, chat support strengthens the relationship between the companies and their clients and assures the loyalty of customers.

  1. To implement effective Artificial Intelligence solutions and technologies to increase productivity

Even if there are companies that now use artificial intelligence technologies in customer service, by 2020 their number will increase and 80% of the companies will adopt AI technologies to communicate effectively with their customers. However, even if AI solutions are effective, they cannot replace the human agents. The embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions have now to support both the clients and the agents, so the challenge for the BPO companies is to develop technologies that increase employee productivity and make the customer support process more efficient.

  1. To provide fast, comfortable and real-time customer support services

The technological digitalization has had a significant impact on the manner customers communicate with companies, resulting in customers having high expectations regarding the support services they receive. They expect to benefit from real-time, 24/7 customer support and this is one of the challenges BPO companies have to face in 2018.

  1. To optimize interactions between agents and customers by using bots

Around 54% of customers want their requests resolved in real-time, and up until recently it was not entirely possible for BPO companies to satisfy this need. Along with the integration of bots in the customer support processes and with increasing their popularity in the BPO industry, companies now have the possibility to deliver complete customer services that are able to exceed customer expectations.  In 2018 boots have become a standard in the industry and those companies that want to maintain their customers satisfied must follow this trend.

  1. To provide personalized customer support services in the era of automation

Even if the necessity of implementing automated support services is great and boots have come to play a vital role in the customer support operations, customers still expect to benefit from personalized services. Each message sent needs to be unique and to appropriate for the customer requests. Probably one of the biggest challenges that BPO companies face in 2018 is the integration of the human factor into the automation process.

In conclusion, the customer service business is changing more and more and the technological digitalization plays the most important role. Companies know that power is held by consumers, who are more informed than ever, and the success of any company is determined by the irreproachable customer support services offered to attract and gain the customers loyalty.