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The impact of customer care services on your brand

When you’re looking to promote your brand, you should consider leveraging your happy clients. If a consumer is satisfied with the services/products you offer, there are many chances they will share the experience with the others. Just keep in mind that, the same thing can happen in the case of a less pleasant experience. This is what we call “word-of-mouth” or, in the digital age, “electronic word-of-mouth”, also called e-WOM.

The customer`s experience with your company is as valuable as the product or service you offer. How can customer service help you get the best word-of-mouth marketing results?

Read this article to find out how excellent customer service can add value to your brand. Positive reviews from clients imply a high level of customer satisfaction.

  1. Always be available

Offer 24/7 support services for your clients so that they can benefit from support at any time. Customers will appreciate a company that is always available and ready to help them in the various situations they may face. Outsourcing these services to specialized providers streamlines time and communication between the company and the client. Also, hiring an external customer service provider can help you reduce costs while delivering the highest quality services. Valoris offers a wide range of multilingual customer services provided by well-trained agents.

  1. Collect feedback

Being available also means considering the opinions of your customers and constantly improving your services. It is essential that, after each interaction with an agent, the client can evaluate the interaction so that you have a record of what needs to be improved. Also, it is crucial to ask for feedback on the product/service itself, to better know the needs of your customers and meet them proactively with the best solutions or updates.

  1. Be present on all communication channels

Offer customers the opportunity to contact you through various methods and not just by phone. This way, you will avoid a long waiting time, which can mean an unpleasant experience for the customer. To be as efficient as possible, you can use telephone, chat and e-mail services. Most of the time, a BPO company will offer you customized solutions for your needs. At the same time, it can provide you with several communication channels so that you can be in contact with your customers every time they need you. The services offered through several communication channels establish long-term relationships between the consumer and the company, help to build the loyalty of current customers, and improve the company’s image.

Investing in customer care service leads to a pleasant experience for consumers. It helps with retention and may even bring in new customers due to the favorable reviews that current consumers have shared with those online or offline.

Given the speed of the information today, you must consider that a review shared on social networks has a tremendous impact on the audience. Moreover, most users tend to share the experience with others, especially when it is unpleasant. A contact center service provided by specialists can have a positive impact on a company’s image.

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