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The Valoris Online Olympics, 2nd edition

The Valoris community had a great year in 2022, one that came to a close in December with the Valoris Online Olympics, an online competition, where our colleagues showed off their ability to work as a team while having lots of fun.

The Valoris Olympics are the most cherished occasion in our company. We decided to create an online event as well because we have remote-working coworkers across the country.

The three-day competition included three elimination challenges in addition to other warm-up and entertaining challenges. We received a record amount of entries this year, with 20 teams taking part.

The first day

The first challenge was a “Guess The Song” warm-up, a funny and engaging exercise in which our coworkers had to identify the song playing in the shortest amount of time possible.

The first-day eliminating game was called “Quiz Show,” and it consisted of general knowledge questions with only one correct answer. Five questions about the organizational culture of Valoris were also included in the game.

Examples: “Who was the first president to reside in the White House?” and “What is the name of the mascot Valoris?”

On the first day, 10 teams were eliminated.

The second day

Since the remaining teams in the competition were well-prepared and eager to participate, this stage got off to a very happy start.

In the warm-up challenge, which was titled “Recreate the Iconic Painting,” our colleagues successfully replicated five famous paintings using their expert skills.

Here are some examples:


The elimination game from the second day was “Sherlock Holmes Last Call”, an online escape game type test, in which the contestants had to solve the mystery of flight TJ1309. The detectives had to look into the case and examine the cues that were offered, which led them to the solution. The key to success in this game was effective teamwork.

Ten teams competed in the contest, but only four advanced to the grand final: CeReMere, Team 5+1, Groparitos Allegros, and Power Team.

The third day (Final)

The Valoris Online Olympiad’s 2022 edition final began with the challenge that would determine the order of the finalists.

They would learn that the “Pegasus Project” is actually challenging, just as Sherlock Holmes seemed to be a rigorous test. The story was about 3 scientists who died in a mysterious way, and the case was covered up. To learn what happened to the 3 scientists, the participants had to break into the Spider-Tech buildings. The team’s ability to communicate and work together was key to finishing the test.

In the end, the CeReMere team came up with the fastest and most effective solution, earning them the number one spot.

The 5+1 Team finished in second place, followed by the Power Team in third and Groparitos Allegros in fourth.


The contestants also got a survey about the setup and challenges after the winners were announced. As a result, we got the following outcomes:

90% of colleagues gave the overall Valoris Online Olympics event a 5 out of 5 rating, and the three elements that garnered the most praise were the atmosphere, the warm-up tests, and communication among teammates. 98% of competitors would advise their colleagues to join the competition in the future.

We are pleased that the Online Onlympics this year was successful as well and that our coworkers enjoyed the three days.

Congratulations to the winners!