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Top 7 BPO interview questions and how to answer

Before each interview you will have for a BPO job, we encourage you to prepare in advance in order to have a more relaxed conversation with the interviewer. You can look for information about the company you apply for, reflect on your professional goals and the skills that may help you for this job.

Also, it is crucial to consider other aspects, such as: punctuality (you need to arrive a few minutes earlier at the interview), maintaining eye contact during the discussion, and presenting yourself in a serious and friendly manner, at the same time.

We have prepared some questions that you can receive in an interview for a job in the contact center field and some ideas to help you answer:

  1. What do you know about us / about the company?

It is a common question in most interviews, and it is used to make the recruiter understand if you know anything about the company and what is the source of the information. That is why it is essential to do a little research about the company you are applying to,  showing interest in this job to the employer will be a plus

  1. Are you familiar with the contact center activity? What do you know about this?

To find out if you know information related to the activity in this field, you will be questioned if you have worked before or if you know from other sources what a contact center job involves. This question helps the recruiter explain to you what a day in the life of a customer care agent looks like.

  1. Tell us something about yourself, something other than what you wrote in your CV.

Here you will have to mention both professional and personal aspects. Regarding the personal aspects, you can indicate the courses that you have participated in, the activities in which you have been involved so far, and some information about your personality. From a professional point of view, you can mention details related to previous work experiences, the activities you carried out there and what was the reason why you decided to change your job.

  1. Tell us the personal and professional goals you have set.

You can think about what you want to achieve from a professional point of view, the evolution you want to have, the courses you want to follow and the activities you would like to carry out. Also, if you have set personal goals about how you would like to develop, you can mention them too.

  1. Tell us how you would like the activity to happen at this job and what you expect from the company.

You can mention the schedulde you would like to have, how you would like to carry out your activity, the courses, and training that you consider you need for this job. Also, state  what you think your skills are and what you think benefits you and helps you in this activity. Also, list the benefits you want from the employer (program flexibility, advancement opportunities, various course subscriptions, sports activities, or medical subscription).

  1. Did you encounter a more difficult or atypical situation at your former job or in one of the activities you carried out? How did you handle that situation?

Asking this, the recruiter wants to know how you react in situations of stress or pressure, how you organize yourself, and how you manage cases of this type. Think of a less pleasant situation you had and how you managed to get over it. Tell the recruiter what skills helped you overcome this moment, but also what positive things you have gained from such an experience.

  1. Do you have any questions?

Now is the perfect time to ask all the questions you have thought about during the interview. Keep in mind that there are no incorrect questions and that any questions you may have, you should ask the recruiter. In addition to certain clarifications you need, you can ask what your employer expects from you, what the team is like, and what opportunities exist within the company.

In conclusion, we hope we inspired you with these suggestions, and keep in mind that no matter what training you have, the most important thing is, to be honest, and always with a smile on your face.

Access our careers page, and if you want to make a change, we look forward to an interview!