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Valoris Centrer in ECCCSA Finals 2022

We participated in one of Europe’s most important customer service competitions for the second year. The European Contact Center & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) provide the ideal platform for companies in the Customer Care industry to present their evolution, results, and professionalism in their interactions with partners, employees, and society.

“ECCCSA represents a reason for us to analyze all of our initiatives and outcomes. We reached the finals again, this time in six categories, proving that we evolve yearly and become better together.”, says Cristina Man, General Manager, Valoris Center.

Together with our colleagues, we are finalists at the ECCCSA 2022 edition in the following six categories:

Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year

A category in which contact center companies are recognized for their operational performance and commitment to team members.

Best Customer Experience

The most important aspect of Customer Care is the customer’s experience with a product or service. This category recognizes excellence in customer service, innovation, and professionalism.

At Valoris Center, we prioritize quality and continuous improvement.

Best Customer Experience Redesign

Valoris professionals work hard to rethink and redefine customer service strategy for the benefit of the partners with whom we collaborate.

Over time, we have assisted partners in improving their work procedures or developing customer service departments from the ground up.

Best Flexible Working Approach

Companies with employee well-being and adaptation to current workforce needs in their development plans are recognized in this category.

We have always been flexible, both in our relationships with our partners and with our employees. We successfully created a balanced and flexible work environment in which the hybrid work model benefits clients and employees equally.

Best Large Customer Service Team

This category recognizes contact center teams that have achieved excellent results, placed the customer experience at the center of interactions, and benefitted the company where they work.

Three words describe the Valoris team’s participation in this category: professionalism, passion, and dedication. Our colleagues, united by the desire to be the best, provide technical support to end customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through various communication channels.

Giving Something Back

Giving Something Back encourages organizations to be socially responsible. Companies that have demonstrated a genuine impact in the communities to which they belong are recognized in this category.

At Valoris, we value the company’s community and the local community, with less fortunate people needing our help and support. We have always been there for the children from our district foster care, and we will continue to assist them with our resources.


Valoris Center has provided professional solutions to its clients for the past 16 years based on experience, excellence, devotion, and care for the local community.

For the Valoris team, receiving recognition in several categories in the BPO field represents progress and honor. We worked together to achieve these results, and we will continue to evolve together! #ValorisCommunity

We look forward to hearing the final results of the ECCCSA competition at the gala on November 22, 2022.