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Valoris Mini-Olympics

Together with the Children’s Day Centre “Casuta Sperantei” from Pantelimon, we organized an event in June, to bring a smile to the kids’ faces. For the occasion, we have chosen June 16, the last day of school and we celebrated together the start of the summer vacation.

What is the Children’s Day Centre “Casuta Sperantei” in Pantelimon?

It is an institution that actively supports children from disadvantaged families, who are at risk of social exclusion, and whose incomes are insufficient to cover their needs. The center provides children with social care, education, recreation, socialization, and counseling activities. The final goal of the center is to prevent school and family dropouts.

At Valoris Centre, we share this institution’s commitment to children’s education and well-being. We desire to be near them and to support the local communities near us.

What games and activities have we planned for the kids?

To bring joy to the children, we planned a suite of recreational activities and called it Valoris mini-Olympics. The event was inspired by our annual company competition, known as the Valoris Olympics, where employees from all around the country compete for attractive rewards.

We were extremely pleased to spend time with the children, who were very open and willing to participate in all the competition’s challenges. Some of the children who attended the event had birthdays around this date; therefore, we even organized a small party for them. We had a tremendous time together and hope to repeat it soon. We also held an awards ceremony at the end, where all the kids received prizes. Our wish was to show appreciation for each of them, so we joyfully and supportively celebrated the competition’s finale together.

Furthermore, the Children’s Day Centre “Casuta Sperantei” from Pantelimon received 20 completely functional computers from Valoris Centre, which are already in use by our little friends.

We also asked our coworkers at the Valoris Centre to donate books so that we could build up a library for the kids from the “Casuta Sperantei” Centre in Pantelimon. This is just one of the activities we have planned for the kids.

We thank our partners Joy Party Place for hosting and Marel Catering for the delicious cake!