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Valoris Olympics 2023

June was full of energy and good vibes at Valoris Center because we celebrated together the 11th edition of the most beloved Valoris’s trademark event: the Olympics.

This year’s Olympics were held on June 10, which was a great day. The surprises kept arriving, and the weather was lovely. As in previous years, we planned challenges to assess the level of teamwork and cooperation among the contestants who signed up for this event.

Eight teams entered the contest, each prepared to do their best to win the top prize. Of course, we also surprised them with creative challenges.


We began the first challenge, where our teammates needed to pay close attention. They had to stay on a path during the entire game without stepping on any “mines” that were concealed. The competitors managed to cross the finish line with much talent and focus.

2.Traffic jam

We wanted to see how successfully the teams could work together through this test. We anticipated this stage would be difficult for them, but our teammates proved us wrong by quickly completing the “Traffic Jam” task.


Coordination was the main component of this challenge. Our colleagues had to navigate a route full of obstacles. Nothing unusual so far, but to ratchet up the competition, the contestants were required to perform the test while wearing blindfolds and were forbidden from speaking. The last person in line was the only one who could see the path and direct the other teammates.

4. Space Panic

Four participants completed a route while wearing blindfolds, with the help of two colleagues who could see the field. The group of four had to gather some balls and toss them into a basket.

5.Elephant Shower

After their effort on a hot day, we decided to cool down our competitors a little! To make the game even more interesting, two of them had to throw water from glasses from a distance into a bucket supported by the rest of the four teammates. Do you think precision was their strong point?

6.The final: Splash & Dash 

The grand final was divided into two parts: the first required the competitors to use a sponge to collect water in a bucket, and for the second one they used the water to move a ping-pong ball from one glass to another.

Surprise Contest

There were many surprises at the Olympics, and we also had a special challenge for all the Valoris employees. It was the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how to have fun and succeed, whether you were on a team or not.

Congratulations to all the colleagues that took part in the 2023 Valoris Olympics! We look forward to seeing you at the following edition!