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Valoris Olympics 2024

The 12th edition of the Valoris Olympics brought together 11 enthusiastic teams for a series of exciting and challenging events. This year’s competition featured six distinct challenges that tested players’ talents, inventiveness, and team spirit. The event took place on Saturday, May 25, in a lively and welcoming environment.

Trial #1: “Fly High”
In this challenge, each team was asked to create a paper plane that and flew it at least 10 meters.

Trial #2: “Transporter”
This challenge assessed the teams’ speed and coordination. Each team had a bucket filled with tennis balls and an empty bucket. The goal was to transfer all the balls from one bucket to the other as quickly as possible.

Trial #3: “Balance Loops”
This challenge required perfect coordination and strong sinergy among team members. The teams tied each other’s legs together to form pairs that had to walk the course formed by the circles while not shifting the circles. Every step had to be carefully planned, and teams had to communicate properly to avoid penalties.

Trial #4: “Keep Moving”
Our teams had to move along a track, and all team members had to step without going off of it.
Even little errors could hinder progress, and this test resulted in the removal of numerous teams from the competition.

Trial #5: “Perpetual Wave”
The remaining competitors in the competition had plenty of water throughout the semi-finals. Each team received an empty container with a ping pong ball inside. The aim was to quickly fill the container with water so that the ball would either fall out on its own or be blown out. Even though the ball could be blown out before the container was completely full, points were only awarded if the container was filled to the brim. In addition, to carry the water, the contestants were given flower pots…. with holes.

Trial 6: “Fast Track”
In the competition’s final round, four teams (Activii, Crocodilii, Ceata lui Pitigoi, and De oplichters) were challenged to construct racing cars using distinct parts. Teams used their resourcefulness and building talents to finish their automobiles on certain platforms. Once finished, the cars were thrown onto the circuit, and the team with the most victories was named the champion.


In the final, the Activii, Crocodilii, De oplichters, and Ceata lui Pitigoi teams delivered a thrilling and strategic performance.

Following a close competition, the final rankings were:

  • 3rd place: Activii
  • 2nd place: Crocodilii
  • 1st place: Ceata lui Pitigoi