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WhatsApp – a new channel for customer service

WhatsApp has recently become a customer service communication platform for thousands of businesses. It quickly became a viable choice because you must always be present where the customer is. WhatsApp is the ideal platform to communicate with our customers.

Why do businesses want to use WhatsApp to engage with their customers? Because they can provide immediate support through this app which is also a flexible and remarkably safe channel for sensitive information.

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize WhatsApp in customer service:

  1. You can transmit the order’s status in real-time.

Clients can receive notifications about their orders and track or monitor updates with the assistance of this instrument for companies in e-commerce or other industries.

  1. Online bookings are easy to manage.

WhatsApp can serve as a central hub for transmitting and saving confirmations, updates, and travel documents for appointments and bookings. It can also assist with booking, processing requests, adjustments, upgrades, and cancellations.

  1. Companies can maintain contact with customers even after the sale.

WhatsApp is the perfect way to keep in touch with customers once they have completed a purchase. For example, you can leverage the order history to deliver automated messaging, and personalized recommendations for possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

  1. AI-assisted support

In the sphere of customer service, WhatsApp can be automated such that it answers requests automatically, all the way up to live contact with an agent.

  1. Customer feedback is easier to collect.

WhatsApp is an ideal platform for sending client satisfaction surveys. It is a simple tool in which to collect data.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is an effective form of interacting with customers. According to Facebook, over 100 billion messages are sent daily, and over two billion minutes are used on WhatsApp for voice and video chats each day.


WhatsApp for customer service allows us to establish long-term relationships with our clients due to its widespread coverage.

Companies can easily communicate with clients via WhatsApp Business because it provides features to automate, organize, and send messages quickly.