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Which are the most important trainings when working in a call center?

The call center world is full of challenges, but once you’re caught up in the process you’ll start to like it. So the moments and the memories you’ll have from working in the call center industry will be priceless.

Here we learn every day how to be better and how to exceed our limits and that makes us proud of our acomplishments. We enjoy working in a young and friendly environment, we periodically organize events and contests, we develop our communication skills and we gain a valuable work experience. Because we want a successful career we go to specialized trainings to improve our knowledge and to have the opportunity to develop professionally. So which are the most important skills that we aim to develop in the call center’s training?

  1. Communication and deeply understanding the process.
  2. Communication by telephone – What is its specificity?
  3. Career orientation;
  4. Learning attention capturing techniques;
  5. Understanding the importance of feedback while involving the employee;
  6. Role play and analysis of response mechanisms.

Each training has a modular structure and is very flexible. They vary depending on the project you are working on, the activity the agent performs and on the addressability. The quality and the strength of our department is very important, so we put a lot of emphasis on people’s quality, which gives value to our services.