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4 benefits of multilingual customer service

Nowadays, companies can offer their services or products to consumers across the globe, thanks to the technological resources we have. When we talk about an international company with branches in many countries, the customer support strategy needs to adjust to those specific markets.

The first step is to offer multilingual customer service, through which the purchasing process becomes more efficient. Whenever the customers need some information about the product and can find it in their native language, the satisfaction will increase. Also, they will be more likely to stay loyal and recommend the products to other people too.

Why should you invest in multilingual services? We have identified some of the benefits:

  1. You gain trust and loyalty

As we previously mentioned, one of the benefits is gaining the loyalty of current customers. Consumers are prone to purchase and recommend a product or service if they can receive customer support service in their native language.  Whether they need to check an order, cancel it, or even make a complaint, every consumer wants to communicate as smoothly as possible with the company representatives. If the person they are talking to is speaking the same language, the customer will appreciate this interaction more.

When this option is missing, they may find the experience unpleasant, regardless of the quality of the product/service or how well-trained the agent is.

Offer your customers the best services by providing multilingual customer service. Thus, you will eliminate the risks of faulty communication, and the trust in your company will increase.

  1. You have a competitive advantage

In addition to the benefits offered to customers, multilingual customer service can also bring you an advantage over your competitors. Often, the purchasing decision is emotional and not rational, and the experience with customer service can be decisive. Therefore, the support service often influences our decisions. Investing in multilingual services offers you a considerable advantage and a pleasant experience for your clients. They are more likely to choose a company that speaks their language.

  1. You can increase your sales

You can expand your business to other countries and achieve excellent results when you offer multilingual customer services. The communication with your targeted audience will be smooth, and you will increase the sales and the number of clients at the same time.

Also, the customer support agents can promote products and services better so that the customer has more trust in the company.

  1. You get more productivity and efficiency

With multilingual customer service, you can decrease the waiting time and the time spent on the call and thus make the activity more efficient. The lower the language barrier, the higher the productivity in the customer support department. Also, in addition to telephone communication, you can optimize the information on the website, or you can offer chat services in other languages.

Multilingual service is also a decisive factor in telemarketing, customers being more likely to purchase something if they fully understand all the functions of the product/service. Each time a product is presented in the native language, the consumer will pay more attention to the information given by the agent.

Choose Valoris Center multilingual customer service solutions!

These are only a few of the benefits you can get from multilingual customer care services. For a more detailed understanding of the benefits and a personalized offer, you can contact us right now. Valoris is at the top of BPO companies on the Romanian market and offers contact center services in over nine languages. We recommend that you consult our list of solutions and schedule a meeting with one of our experts.