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Customer Experience – the foundation of the marketing strategy

In the age of digitization, speed, and social media, customer experience has become the core of a company’s marketing strategy. How did this happen? Previously, marketing strategies focused on product enhancement or advertising promotion. Still, today, many businesses are putting customer experience at the core of their marketing strategy.

A consumer can demonstrate his level of satisfaction with the products and services offered by your business by posting reviews, comments, or images on social media. It can be frightening; however, on the other hand, you can approach this scenario with optimism and even make it work to your benefit.

Listed below are some review-related statistics provided by brightlocal:

  • 77% of consumers read online reviews regularly before interacting with a company.
  • 89% of consumers are more inclined to buy the products/services of a company that responds to online reviews.
  • In 2021, only 3% of consumers said they would be willing to buy the services or products of a company with two or less star reviews.
  • 61% of consumers are more determined to leave a review when the company has provided them with an exceptional experience.

The client experience is based on the customer support you provide, in addition to the advantages the products and services offer. It frequently causes customers to stop supporting a particular company.

What are the benefits of investing in the customer experience area?

  1. You bring value and a competitive advantage to your business.

People search for more than just high-quality products and services; they also want a worthwhile experience using them. This starts with how quickly a customer can locate and contact you, how simple it is to navigate your website, the information you provide about your products and services, and how accessible your business is after a customer makes a purchase.

Your brand gains value and a competitive advantage in the market thanks to the post-sale guarantee or excellent customer service, both of which aim to address client needs rapidly.

  1. Increased customer retention

We are all aware that, in most cases, losing a customer is more expensive than keeping them. Why not try your best, then? Avoid paying more in the long run due to clients who invested in their experience and chose to switch brands!

Indeed, a happy consumer will gladly tell others about a brand, bringing you more clients. Focus your marketing efforts on current clients who bring value to your business.

  1. You build a positive reputation both online and offline

As we previously mentioned, customers today may have more significant influence over a company’s future than ever before. Therefore, remain present, ascertain the market’s requirements, and continually adapt! Your hard work will be recognized and appreciated. Giving customers a good experience encourages them to be part of your marketing strategy. They will spread the word about your company to other prospective customers, and positive feedback will inspire trust in those who want to engage with your company. Never be afraid to seek their opinion!

  1. Boost business income

Customer retention improves turnover and overall financial outcomes. Long-term investments in customer service and support can protect you against potential financial losses.

86% of consumers are willing to spend extra for a better experience, indicating that it is no longer just the products or services that are important to them.

  1. You are constantly innovating

Customer feedback is the most crucial aspect to consider while innovating your business. Even unfavorable criticism can be quite helpful because it enables you to customize your offerings to fulfill your clients’ needs better.

Be honest, ask and accept client feedback, and innovate when the opportunity arises. In all markets and areas of activity, the consumer is the one who sets the tone.


In 2023, recommendations, word-of-mouth, internet reviews, and client feedback will be crucial marketing factors. Be ready, adapt your marketing approach, and put the client experience at the forefront!

Do not hesitate to connect with one of our experts if you want to find out how you may adjust your customer service strategy to suit your clients’ needs! Here is how to get in touch with us.