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Customer Experience Trends you should keep in mind for 2022

Customer Experience is defined all the interactions and the overall experience a customer has with a company, brand, product, or service. Customer experience is evolving daily, and the companies that want to offer the best experience to their customers should keep up with these changes.

The hybrid working model, strategic partnerships, and powerful communication tools are some of the most important customer experience trends you should know for 2022.

Customer Experience is beyond a simple concept. It is a real strategy for your business, which gives more value, a positive outcome, and company development. Also, companies whose strategy is client-oriented have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Here are the main Customer Experience Trends to think of in 2022:

  1. Strategic Partnerships

The strategic partnership has been, and stays a priority and one of the most important goals for service outsourcing companies. Strategic partnerships ensure a long-term relationship that helps the company overcome difficult times.

This kind of cooperation goes beyond the idea of a classic partnership, in which a supplier offers services but is not involved in the business development. At Valoris Center, as an outsourcing company, we make sure that all processes go according to the plan, and we pay great importance to all the details. That is why we are perceived as a department in our partner’s company, not just as service providers. The partner’s goals become also our goals, and increasing customer satisfaction helps us grow together.

As strategic partners, we will always follow the best strategy, use  the newest technology, and the most suitable procedures done by our professional agents to keep a high level of client satisfaction.

When you have a long-term collaboration with a trusted partner who works to achieve your goals as if they were his own, the customer experience will be excellent. This means there will be no difference between the quality of your product/services and the customer support provided by the external company you choose.

  1. Multichannel solutions and powerful communication tools

To offer customers the best experience, we need the right communication tools for each business, and 2022 brings the growing need for multichannel solutions. An outsourcing company will find befitting communication channels and tools for your business according to the needs and desires of the clients.

Why will multichannel solutions be so important in 2022? Given the evolution of technology, the customers’ needs are changing. Multichannel communication is crucial because you will cover all the clients’ needs, permanently improving their experience. Multichannel communication helps you retain current customers and improves their experience with your company. Thus, you will offer the right solutions in a shorter time, no matter where the client is.

A good experience with the customer support department means being available to the customer anywhere, anytime, and through any method of communication. Nowadays, phone calls are the central source of communication, but we must notice the recent evolution in which chat and e-mail communication have become more widespread.

  1. Hybrid working model

The pandemic has taught us that we can work efficiently and with excellent results from home. However, in the two years since the pandemic and the remote work system started, there has been a constant need to communicate and meet with co-workers.

In 2022, hybrid work is the best solution. It combines the comfort of working from home with office work alongside colleagues and allows us to maintain healthy relationships between teams, strengthen the organizational culture and at the same time, offer flexibility to the employees. In terms of how they work, the Z generation shows a great interest in the virtual environment, comfort, and autonomy. However, according to Apollo Technical, 74% of Generation Z respondents prefer to interact with colleagues face to face, followed by Baby Boomers (68%) and Generation X (66%).

In the contact center, the hybrid working model improves overall results, gives people both autonomy and freedom, and creates strong relations in the teams. This way, employees are happier, and satisfied employees deliver favorable experiences to the customers.

In 2022, the Customer Experience remains a priority because a positive experience contributes to the company’s growth and customer loyalty. It is important to remember that it is easier to keep an existing customer than win a new one. A suitable business partner will provide you with the best resources for your customers. Check our solutions, fill in the form, and tell us how we can help you, and one of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.