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Award Winner Valoris Best Customer Experience

With a fresh and proactive approach to a challenging industry, Valoris Center won the award for "Best Customer Experience" at the EUROPEAN CONTACT CENTRE & CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARDS (ECCCSA), edition 2022.


Our customer is the fastest-growing delivery player in 25 countries from Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. The partner launched an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app.


Our customer’s delivery service experienced rapid growth with high expectations. They needed 24/7 support, a scalable contact center, and solutions to handle peak volumes generated by weather, traffic, and other situations. We designed a successful contact center by aligning with the partners values, addressing pandemic challenges, and prioritizing constant customer feedback and experience improvement.


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As a BPO company, we designed a successful contact center solution for our customer’s rapidly growing delivery service. We performed heatmap reviews, ensured accurate forecasts, and maintained real-time control to manage demand efficiently. Our deep dive into the customer journey involved analyzing root causes, implementing SMART targeted actions, and conducting recurrent follow-ups on improvements.


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