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A guide for quick customer satisfaction enhancement

Technical Customer Support for cybersecurity solutions


Our client is a global cybersecurity solutions company that needed a quality and competent first level technical support solution to match the premium services they provide to customers worldwide.


We were able to quickly take over the technical support from another vendor and set up a multilingual customer service solution, serving clients in Spanish, Romanian, and English, 24/7, via chat, phone, and email. With our capabilities, we accommodated customers who are not very tech-savvy, as most of them are households and are using this type of software for the first time. Our team went live with the project in less than a month, starting with phone interactions, followed by chat and email.


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Considering the software installation advice required by customers, this project presents a unique set of challenges. Responding to frequently demanding end-users, our team is now delivering a 90% QA score. With a skilled workforce, we developed a customized solution that currently handles more than 43,000 monthly interactions, reaching up to 73,000 during peak season. For this project, tailored solutions were considered, as customers are based in different geographical and social areas. The project management team has over 10 years of experience in BPO services, with high education and up-to-date training and certifications. By using a BPO service, our customers not only reduce rent, infrastructure, HR, and back-office costs but also lower their overall operating expenses.