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Customer Service for a Household Appliances producer

A competitive differentiator


Our partner is one of the global leading companies in the household appliances market. With a vast
history and millions of clients worldwide, its customer service had to meet the clients’ needs.

The client required a multichannel solution for answering customers regarding product information, warranty information, troubleshooting.


We implemented a solution to redesign the customer experience.

We now offer multichannel support on chat, a channel we developed from scratch, e-mail and phone.

We also connected our CRM and the partner’s internal systems, and we offer reporting to analyze peaks, statistics, or pain points. Moreover, the partner now has an IVR, that allows the end-user to leave a message.

At the same time, we took over the back-office activities, such as enrolments in campaigns, invoice check and product validation for extended warrantee.


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With a proper redesign, our solution transformed the customer service, from a cost center to a revenue
center by generating additional sales. We are now implementing an inbound sales system to enhance sales in the service center, turning the service from a cost center to a profit center.

The partner benefits from a better understanding of the end-user, reflecting in more effective marketing campaigns. Our partner had no post-sale contact with its customers and no record of what happened to products that needed to be repaired or returned. Selfsame happened with promotional campaigns inputs. All of the data is now being collected, monitored, and analyzed in order to create better marketing campaigns that are tailored to customer’s needs.

Our redesign pursued a multichannel customer experience solution based on quality, analysis, and fast
reaction problem-solving. A solid customer care team now contributes to creating a trusted brand experience for our partner.