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Optimizing the sales process

A Case Study on Valoris CRM's Automated Lead Management System and its Impact on Conversion Rates and Sales Efficiency


Our client is the local branch of a leading Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, that has a nationwide dealership network.
Their need is to increase the digital order share and have visibility in the sales process, while delivering excellent customer experience during the acquisition journey.


First, consumers fill out an online form, then, Valoris’s agents contact them to qualify the lead. Also, our agents are checking customer satisfaction during the test drive, discussing potential improvements, and conducting post-sale calls to assess the car acquisition and overall experience.

Moreover, to boost sales, we implemented automated workflows that streamline the sales process by efficiently managing leads from various sources, enhancing conversion rates, and facilitating follow-up interactions with dealers and management to support unallocated or uncontacted leads.


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Our solution combines a contact center team and automated lead management to streamline orders, boost customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Partners’ dealers saw increased convenience, quicker processing, and high customer satisfaction, resulting in 95.4% satisfaction throughout the sales process.

Seamless digital ordering reduced manual work, errors, and improved efficiency, leading to cost savings for dealers by allocating resources effectively and streamlining internal processes.