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How outsourcing contact center services transformed operations for a leading car manufacturer


Our client, a local car dealership representing one of the leading car producers in the world was struggling with time. On a daily basis, the local team had to sell cars and be available if a customer called for a service appointment, for example. But these tasks were not complementary, and by the end of the day, the business development area was at risk of being neglected because calls had to be answered.


We have established a comprehensive professional contact center solution. Our process involves answering incoming calls, collecting and inputting customer data into our CRM system, and subsequently ensuring that the support team contacts the clients. Essentially, we serve as a filter for incoming requests, effectively qualifying and directing them for further action.


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Our solution allows customer employees to focus on business development without call interruptions. We’ve customized our CRM and created workflows to escalate issues to the appropriate department. We maintain visibility throughout the process, notifying departments if a customer hasn’t received a response within two hours. This approach ensures no missed opportunities, as we send daily reports highlighting qualified leads that have yet to be contacted by the respective department.