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Customer support for retail and e-commerce

Unparalleled customer service for a major player in the Retail & E-commerce industry


With more than 800 stores spread across the major cities across the country, our client is the largest supermarket chain in Romania.

As a member of a Dutch food retail conglomerate, it is one of the largest enterprises in both retail and e-commerce. Since 2016, we have had a successful cooperation in which our key benefit has been flexibility.

Our partner did not have a customer support strategy.
We took over all customer support channels and created a strategy from the ground up.


We developed a customer support strategy from scratch.

We provided a multichannel solution via email and phone.

60% of the interactions are inbound, and 30% are outbound. 10% of the interactions are by e-mail, and 97% of them are in Romanian, while about 10% are in English. We offer support for our partner’s stores, for the sales made through the e-commerce channel, but also for the loyalty program, spot campaigns, or dedicated lines.


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We offered a comprehensive customer service strategy, flexibility and a long-term cost-effective solution, including handling over 1,000 calls per day during periods of high volumes.

When choosing to outsource the service to Valoris, one of our partner’s criteria was flexibility.

Our ability to adapt to their needs and find solutions in any situation ranked us as the best choice on the market.