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What is technical support?

Technical Customer Support for a printing hardware producer.


Our client is a a hardware producer company that manufactures printers and multifunctional products.
They needed a functional Level 1 Tech Support line to assist their B2B customers in setting up the printers and troubleshooting support.


The customer benefits from a technical support team, comprised of agents who provide support in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Our agents have technical expertise and strong communication skills and assist customers with printer setup, including additional settings required for operation, which are not directly related to the device (e.g., PC, drivers, applications, or network).

Additionally, the agents are prepared, adaptable, and focused on problem-solving. Customers often request full support, from printer setup to user training, or they need instructions for printers that are between 10 and 15 years old.


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Flexibility is one of our main values at Valoris Center. We get to prove it in each project.

This one was no exception, since our customer had to arrange service recall for one of the devices. We had to approach 1000 B2B accounts, from 37 countries, on different time zones.

After all, technical support is not only about answering calls, but it also implies to have the capacity to quickly react and proactive solve unexpected issues